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Evaluating Your Perspective

Sometimes it’s easiest to explain things as a mathematical formula: Perspective = (Experience * Consideration) + Time A clear understanding of what’s important to a story is a function not just of personal experience, but time and considered thought. This is one of the reasons… Read More

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Write Down Your Bad Ideas

I had a bad idea this morning over breakfast. A ridiculous bad idea that started out from a fun high-concept premise, but that I found to have a variety of potential plot holes and red flags. I added it to my idea notebook anyway. Bad… Read More

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On not knowing what it is

Per my previous post on avoiding writer’s block, I’m working on more than one project right now. One of these scripts is brand new, though some of the ideas have been percolating in Evernote and a previous script for a while now. And it’s at… Read More

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A matter of perspective

This is a corollary to the previous post on the dangers of the writing what you know mentality. If you do choose to write a story based on something from your own personal experience, the closer you are to that moment, the less sense of… Read More

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“Write What You Know.”

This is a phrase that gets used frequently when working with beginning writers. It’s important to have your writing come from something that resonates strongly with you. If there isn’t something about what you’re writing that you care deeply about, it will be difficult to… Read More

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Buy someone a drink

A few years ago, I attended a Q&A session featuring Paul Schraeder, and he offered a suggestion for a way to prepare yourself before diving into writing a script. Pick a friend. Maybe two or three friends. Invite them out for a coffee, or to… Read More