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Heavy Clicky Touchy Feely

I ponied up the money for a mechanical keyboard. I get it. People buy in, hook, line, and sinker to this craze the way marketing used to tell kids shoes would make you run faster and jump higher. But it’s genuinely pleasant. Does having a… Read More

Making Small Talk

I held the door open for an older woman carrying two tote bags full of books out of the library. She said, “The sun’s nice. If only it were 40 degrees warmer!” “At this point, I’d take 20.” “True! Don’t want to get greedy.” And… Read More

Treading Lightly

When my wife and I first brought our baby home, Sprout slept in a pack & play next to our bed. It helped us to respond quickly to her needs, but it created a problem: We needed to be quieter in order to avoid waking… Read More

Do you have the time?

Years ago, when I was still using a dumb phone, I stopped wearing my watch. It was a decision to use the clock on my phone and not have two things on my person for the same task. The watch was left on my desk.… Read More