Table Read: Ida Walker

Title Card: Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Ida Walker


A silent film studio sends a devil-may-care, gunslinging actress into Mexico to shoot a picture using actual revolutionaries. But when the production is interrupted by a real attack, the film crew and revolutionaries need to band together if they hope to survive.

The Project

On this page is a recording of the feature-length western screenplay Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Ida Walker. I put this together for two reasons:

  • Friend of the blog and writer Molly Gallagher recently staged a live reading of one of her scripts and raved about the experience of sitting down with actors to kick the tires and see what’s working.
  • I’m always on the lookout for ways to encourage writing students to work with others to produce something other than pages. I want this to be a pilot attempt that encourages collaboration with other members of the faculty at my school.
  • The long game? I want to provide students with resources, workflows, and connections so they can record performances of long-form writing that normally can’t be fully-produced dramatically in an academic environment.


The Table Read


Screenplay by: Chris Csont

Direction and Casting by: Keeley Stanley-Bohn

Recording Facilities and Technical Support Provided by: Jim Bollella and the School of Broadcast & Cinematic Arts and Central Michigan University


Katie Dodd as Ida Walker

Christian Sanchez as Amparo Sequeyro

Todd Wysong as Howard Marshall & Survivor

Zach Guerra as Salvador Montejo, Captain Alvaro Cardona, & Norton Bickmore

Meghan Johns as Narrator #1, Dorrego, & Photographer

Angela Turner as Narrator #2, Lenore, Marisa, DP, & Rural #1

Olivia Clayton as Narrator #3, Tuco, Props, & Rural #2

Noah Steffan as Phineas Pumphrey & Ojo Muerto

Cameron Schottas Boyd, Nicholas Bickmore, Hector, & Frontier Preacher

Special thanks to

Dena Moscheck
Sean Bennett
Dr. Charles Burney
Debbie Danielpour
Molly Gallagher
Haeli Hayes
Christine Hoxmeier
Heather Polinsky
Patrick Regan
Scott Thompson
Margaret Willison