Who I am

My name is Chris Csont. Yes, it’s pronounced a little like 🥐

I like writing screenplays. I like it so much, I went out and got an MFA in screenwriting.

Now I teach writing for electronic media at Central Michigan University.

I like learning new ways of working, and sharing these ideas with others.

I like to believe that we are as capable of revising our selves as we are revising our work.

I believe that caffeine and good music are essential to the writing process, and that my daughter will hold Leslie Knope and Captain America in equally high regard as personal heroes.

If you’re looking for more on my professional background

You can see my current CV.

What This Blog Is For

I want to have a space that acts as a hub for the different projects I work on: writing related to my teaching, to my love of film & television, and some of those larger thoughts that don’t fit into a tweet.

This is not a place with all the answers to your writing questions. I’m no guru. The thoughts collected here are ones that have helped me or helped my students in the past. My hope is that they might help you, too.

Other places you can see my work

How to Reach Me

The best way to get in touch with me is via Twitter.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed on this site are mine alone and do not reflect the opinions of my employer(s).