About Chris Csont 

Im a husband, father, writer, and the Community Manager for Quote-Unquote Apps living in Michigan. I believe were as capable of revising our selves as we are revising our work. I like liking things, and sometimes I get the chance to share that enthusiasm.

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Selected Writing (Past & Present)

Ask Answergirl
Mystery, Audio Drama

College student Zina Roberts works to balance solving cases of academic dishonesty for her schools Dean of Students with the demands of writing a weekly advice column for a student paper.

Three Page Excerpt from Episode 2: Parlez-vous Cheating? (Opening scenes)

You can listen to the complete series on in your browser or through your preferred podcast app.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Miss Ida Walker
Western, Feature-length screenplay

A silent film studio sends a devil-may-care, gunslinging actress to shoot a picture in the middle of the Mexican Revolution.

Four Page Excerpt from the script (Opening scenes)

Theres also a recording of a table read of the entire script, performed by actors from Central Michigan University.

Will to Freedom
Biographical Drama, Feature-length screenplay

An adaptation of the autobiography of the same name by Egon Balas, a member of the Hungarian underground during World War II who found himself falsely accused and imprisoned by the post-war government he fought for.

Three Page Excerpt from the script (Egon facing an interrogation in the Malmezon prison)

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Whats in a name?


The name started as a riff on the line Calvins dad repeats in Calvin & Hobbes a play on how writing is all about doing the work of building characters from nothing.

After I became a dad, I realized that I was becoming more like Calvins father. Some of the jokiness of the title has worn off.

But the core is still there. Writing is the work of building believable, honest characters. And just like how the dialogue and actions of characters tell us who they are, our words and deeds build a picture of who we are for others.

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