A Close Shave

I have a beard. Like all beards, if you don’t properly maintain it for a week1, you go from Writer With A Beard to Guy Writing Manifesto On A Typewriter In A Cabin. I could have gone through and trimmed the stray hairs that had grown too long, taking time to reshape the beard and get it back to its more ideal state, but I didn’t. I trimmed it short. Much shorter than normal.

I promise you, there’s a metaphor in this.

I know that my beard doesn’t look the way I want it to right now. I also know that I saved myself some time by not trying to be meticulous and precise. My beard will grow back to where I want it, and will be easier to maintain, for a time, because of this.

Sometimes, in the middle of a script, too much time can be spent trying to make all the pieces fit together at once. Meticulousness and details take over writing time when pushing forward and focusing on the basics would be of greater benefit. Sometimes it’s necessary to hack off all the excess and focus on the base; the essential elements. Let the rest grow out of that.

Is it a little forced of a metaphor? Maybe.2 But it did get me thinking about specific areas where it’s important to keep focus on the basics, and where cutting things down to the core elements can be helpful. The next few posts will be on these topics.

Also, a general programming note: If you have a topic that I haven’t covered that you’d like to see discussed, please make your suggestion in the comments. I’d love to get a better picture of what people would like to get from this site, and I will do the best that I can to follow up on suggested topics.

  1. Or, let’s be honest, maybe a little over a week.
  2. Definitely, but roll with it.

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