Go Be Awesome

At some point while writing your script, you will want to give up. For whatever reason it is, you will look at what you’ve done so far and decide that nothing you can do will make it any better.

There are any number of inspirational quotes I could refer you to at this point which would make a great addition to your workspace. Something to remind you that you should persevere. Maybe Churchill, Gandhi, or Goethe.


“When I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.”

-Barney Stinson

Pop culture is chock full of wisdom if you’re willing to accept it.

So, you want to give up on your screenplay? Fine. Start another one.

You want to give up on writing entirely? Fine. Go raise goats and make artisanal cheese, or start a non-profit to lobby for and promote the safety of bike riders in major metropolitan areas, or run for your local city council.

Giving up is just like anything else: You need to fully commit to it. If you’re just going to half-ass giving up, don’t give up.

If you truly want to give up, go do something else.

If you can’t cut yourself off completely from what’s giving you grief, then maybe you don’t actually want to give up. If that’s the case, it’s up to you to push back and push through.

There is nothing wrong with walking away if it leads you to something that works better for you, but don’t hold yourself in limbo. Don’t make complaining a strong part of your skillset.

Go be awesome.

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