Overcoming The Funk

The funk creeps in disguised as a search for something better.

Procrastinating by reading up on a better way to organize and prioritize, or scrolling for one more interesting bite of content — Flipping back the pages on an overstuffed menu, thinking you missed what you actually want to order.

The funk waves a pennant in the stands, pretending to be a supporter shouting “You can do better!” It wears your team colors, but placed bets against your victory.

The funk wins not by convincing you to stop doing anything, but by making you believe there is a right thing to do. It gets you asking the wrong questions.

I find the way to get the upper hand is when I can ask “What can I do?” instead of “What should I do?”

Momentum is the funk’s natural enemy, not perfection or strategy.

The order of my to-do list doesn’t matter if I’m not checking anything off.

I need to remind myself: Prioritize when there’s energy and clarity. Otherwise, don’t be ashamed of reaching for low-hanging fruit.

My future self will appreciate not having to pick up the slack.