Don’t Apologize for Someone Else

Button hits.

Sprout never had a big issue with this. It’s another way the two of them are very different.

We’re still working on the best way to get Button to stop and take responsibility for hurting other people.

When apologizing to Sprout after hitting her, he patted her cheeks roughly. She didn’t like it.

I pulled him back. Sprout said it was okay.

“That’s just how he’s saying he’s sorry.”

We got through making sure Button tried apologizing in a gentle way. I stayed behind with Sprout.

I told her she doesn’t need to apologize for anyone else’s behavior.

I told her she doesn’t need to accept an apology if it doesn’t feel right.

I emphasized to her that she knows what feels like love to her.

She should never, ever make excuses for someone else’s behavior. Not to us, or herself.

That if it doesn’t feel like love to her, it doesn’t matter if someone else says it is.

It’s good that she wants to help us teach Milo how to behave. But while she helps, I don’t want her to think that helping her younger brother includes learning to treat herself or her feelings as less than.