Occam’s Razr

Instead of trying new Screen Time cutoffs or another self-control building app, I took my phone out of its case.

It’s an experiment. I look at my phone too much, and not usually to do anything that really matters to me.

If the phone feels less durable and protected, will I pull it out less frequently?

Every time I reach for the phone becomes a risk calculation:

  • Is what I’m about to do important enough to risk dropping and damaging the phone?
  • Is this the best time and place to do this with my phone, or should I wait?
  • Am I feeling an urgent need to do this particular thing, or just an urgent need to do something?

After a week, my average pickups per day hasn’t dropped much, but average screen time per day is down over 30%.

I’ll see if this trend continues or if I get more comfortable with not using a case and taking more risks.

I’ve tried lots of fussy lifehacks and productivity tricks before. I’m learning to appreciate simple solutions.

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