How I Remapped the Insert (INS) Key on my Keychron K14

I spent some time Googling how to do this, but didn’t find any direct answers for exactly what I was looking to do. Once I figured it out, I figured I might not be the only one looking for help.

The Keychron K14 is my current favorite keyboard. I love almost everything about it, except for one thing: The INS key. The Insert Key is useless to me, but it takes up space instead of something like the Screen Shot key on my K2.

I decided to change that.

I downloaded Karabiner-Elements, a free Mac toolbar app that lets you swap key mapping.

Things got a little more complicated when I wanted to change the mapping of the Insert Key to a keyboard shortcut like the key combination that triggers “Save picture of selected area as a file.” The time to figure out how to work with the Complex Modifications tab seemed like it would be more trouble than the effort was worth.

Then I got the idea to start by switching it to an unused key that doesn’t exist on this keyboard. Turns out that the Numeric Keypad Asterisk and the Asterisk you get from Shift+8 are treated as separate things.

Next I went into System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts and selected the Screenshots set.

Using my newly remapped key, I changed the shortcuts for the two Screenshot actions I wanted to use with it.

That’s the numeric keypad asterisk. Accept no substitutes.

After all that was done and tested, I swapped out the keycap on the board itself, and that’s the end of that!