Reasons I like running

  • The endorphins help my brain work the way I want it to
  • When I focus on how my body moves, it pushes more abstract and/or irrational concerns aside
  • Being able to loosen up my body so that when I’m done, I can stretch in just the right way to pop that part of my lower back that gets sore by the end of the day
  • It reminds me to feel gratitude to my body for allowing me to move as freely as I do
  • It reminds me of the importance to make time to take care of this body to demonstrate that gratitude
  • It’s a time to disconnect from The Twitch of jumping from input to input
  • It creates a natural division; a nightly reset to clear the mental cache
  • It lets me believe that a little regular exercise might further delay the inevitable moment when I can no longer pick up my kids

I wanted to write these down as a reminder that these are reasons without numbers attached. Success isn’t about hitting some specific metric, but just staying in motion.

Being kind to myself can be enough of a goal.