Back on my bull(et)shit

Yes, I know that my penmanship hasn’t improved since middle school. Thanks for reminding me.

I bought a new paper notebook.

I’ve tried bullet journaling on the iPad, and it’s fine. But I wasn’t consistent with it.

I’ve tried going fully digital, or using 3×5 cards for a daily to-do list.

I’ve tried a lot of things, okay?

While it doesn’t always stick around forever, I tend to find a better headspace when I start a fresh notebook for keeping track of things.

I need to tell myself it’s okay not to have the best long-term answer if I at least find a good answer for now.

I wrote before about craving simple solutions. I didn’t see how simple things could be.

I need two lists:

  • The things I can do
  • The things I am doing

One is for remembering hard due dates or where my progress is at with a larger project. This one’s digital.

The other is to make sure I know where my time goes, and to remind me that I have more time than I think, but not enough time for everything. That’s the notebook.

Every part of it reminds me that there’s only so much time. A page is only so long. A notebook has only so many pages.

And every page I use can’t be taken back.

It’s always sitting there, asking the question: What’s next?

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