Twitter hasn’t died yet

I feel the need for something between a Marie Kondo purge and that scene in Vanilla Sky where Tom Cruise walks through a floor covered in reading material.

Maybe it’s from people preemptively mourning Twitter, and my asking about what I’d actually be losing if the site disappeared. Maybe it’s approaching 40. It could even be just the general sense of minor upheavals in the past few weeks.

But I need to spend time looking at what’s here, and at who it is that’s doing the looking.

More to the Twitter point, the thing that was great about it was the sense of things not having such a high threshold for shipping. If I sit down to write a post for this site, there can be the anxiety of “Does this meet the standard I set? Will this be worth reading in a few weeks, or months?”

But this is my space, and I don’t need to be precious about it. It can be messy. I can be messy.

And I need to spend a little time getting my bearings.

Maybe a little time to move the twitch away from thinking “This could be a tweet,” to “Maybe I have something to post about.”