Not tracking my page count

I’ve had trouble getting back in my writing brain for a while. Too much second-guessing, impostor syndroming, and generally feeling exhausted.

(Holidays, y’all. And let’s not forget two kids on winter break from school. It’s a lot.)

My therapist encouraged me to work on reconnecting writing with pleasure.

Little by little I’ve been working at it, but it didn’t start to click until a few days ago when a friend texted:

Wanna do a write sprint today?

We just made plans for another sprint tomorrow — our fourth day in a row keeping pace with each other.

Are the scenes I’m writing perfect? Far from it. Are these pages that will definitely make it to a finished draft? Unlikely.

But I’m enjoying the process. I’m trying not to worry about when this is going to be finished as much as I’m focusing on making sure I keep at it.

I’d rather have a good habit than a bad, rushed draft.