Returning to Final Fantasy X

Screenshot from Final Fantasy X cutscene of Yuna and Tidus.
Pictured: A cat and a golden retriever.

I still need to finish Breath of the Wild, and my Animal Crossing residents are probably dealing with abandonment issues. Sorry, but Final Fantasy X gets to live in the Switch right now.

All I want to do when I have some time to play a game is level grind and watch cut scenes of these dumb dumbs wrestling with their feelings.

The last time I traveled to Spira was back on the PS2. I’ve forgotten most of the plot, and I’m pretty sure I never actually completed the game.

A problem I had back in the day was getting impatient toward the end of games and not building up the necessary equipment/levels/skills to tackle the final challenge. Or I just walked away if the final quest felt tedious (sorry, Windwaker).

So Final Fantasy X feels right for the moment. It’s comfort gaming that feels immersive, but not too immersive. Lots of things to do and see, but a clear path.

Because the game is mostly the same, but I’m different now. And playing through feels differently because of it.

If Great British Bake Off has taught me anything, it’s that it’s important to have hobbies you enjoy where you’re not focused on monetizing it or being the best. To have things you do where the only thing you’re producing is joy for yourself.