I made time to meditate

Image of a line graph of time spent meditating from the Timeless meditation app showing an irregular set of peaks and valleys declining over the last six months.

I’ve gotten off track with my meditation practice.

I haven’t felt able to make consistent space for it.

But there was a good reminder for me today of why it’s important to make try.

I was listening to a guided meditation from the Plum Village app—A recording of Thich Nhat Hanh explaining some basic breathing exercises.

He said that taking the time to sit and breathe is a way to enjoy being alive. To enjoy having a body. To smile.

I roll my eyes a little at the Western/productivityist mindset about meditation as a tool for focus and self-improvement, even as I acknowledge that mindset was part of my journey toward mindfulness practice.

This was a necessary lesson about making space for peace for its own sake.

Not to make it easier to answer emails or get more things done or spend more focused time writing and generating new content. Not to strive toward peace like it’s some goal that needs to be checked off your to-do list.

Peace doesn’t have to be something you need to struggle to find.

It can come when you stop struggling.

It’s always on the threshold, waiting on your invitation to enter.