Eavesdropping and defining love

Waymond in Everything Everywhere All At Once saying "In another life, I would have really liked... just doing laundry... and taxes with you."
That moment when Everything Everywhere All At Once gleefully pushes me over an emotional cliff.

Doing some work at a coffee shop earlier this week I overheard two people playing We’re Not Really Strangers.

It may have been a first date (it kind of had that vibe), and one of the cards asked them to “Describe what love means to you in one word.”

While one of them was fumbling through their answer, I figured out mine.

Because I’m not the kind of asshole to jump into their conversation, I made a note to blog about it later.

Here it goes:


Appreciating being with a person instead of thinking about where else you could be.

Not just seeing them, but witnessing them.

Sure, it’s an impossible ask for this to be 100% of your time with anybody.

But anything else, any other big feeling, needs to start with awareness and intention.

At least, that’s my answer.