The Stop Doomscrolling Shortcut

In looking for simple ways to help stay more mindful, I made an iOS shortcut for when I catch myself doomscrolling.

The problem I have comes when I realizing I’m just doomscrolling, but can’t move myself away. So I gave myself a clear next thing to do whenever I find myself in that spot.

The setup for the shortcut.

The part about it that makes it simple for me: I can just tell Siri the thing I want to do.

Then, I get this:

DND Lock Screen photo taken at a bookshop/cafe in Reykjavik.

Three things happen to disrupt the doomscrolling paralysis:

  1. The phone is locked, pulling me out of whatever app I was in.
  2. Do Not Disturb turns on for a short period giving me a moment to step back and think about what I want to do instead.
  3. A Notification prompts me with a question to consider.

Maybe this will be an effective countermeasure for me?