The Can Opener Bridge

I shared a link to 11 Foot 8 Videos (The Can Opener Bridge) in last week’s newsletter. The site holds years worth of videos of a notorious train bridge in the creator’s town. A camera waits patiently, pointed at the intersection until a truck ignores the height warning and attempts to drive through. There’s a lot to appreciate about this site:

  • A reminder that no matter how clearly you post a sign, some people will ignore it.
  • When a person gets stuck under a bridge, their problem is just starting.
  • There’s always a way to make a mistake worse.
  • Car crashes are attention-grabbing, but this particular type has the added benefit of allowing you to enjoy the spectacle knowing that people aren’t actually getting horribly injured or killed.
  • Much like Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes, something that’s funny once can be hilarious if it happens 15+ times.
  • The importance of committing to the bit. This site wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if it didn’t have over 170 videos spanning over a decade.
Seriously, there are over 170 of these videos.