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Go Be Awesome

At some point while writing your script, you will want to give up. For whatever reason it is, you will look at what you’ve done so far and decide that nothing you can do will make it any better. There are any number of inspirational… Read More

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Be Gentle With Yourself

For the last year or so, I’ve kept a book on hand called Mindfulness in Plain English. While it’s principally about meditation, there are several parts that I tend to apply to other things, as well. Example: Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself.… Read More

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Adjectives Are Your Enemy

At a book signing, I asked Guillermo del Toro what advice he had for beginning screenwriters. [With action and description], do not use adjectives. Use visuals. Use sound. Be very dry. You should only be writing things you can show. If you have adjectives on… Read More

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Buy someone a drink

A few years ago, I attended a Q&A session featuring Paul Schraeder, and he offered a suggestion for a way to prepare yourself before diving into writing a script. Pick a friend. Maybe two or three friends. Invite them out for a coffee, or to… Read More