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10 milligrams of Endocet

I went to West Virginia to see my grandfather, because he told my mom that he wanted to see all of his children at the same time. I read between the lines, and drove down with her. He’s been in and out of the hospital… Read More

Enough for Today

The dishwasher broke on Thanksgiving. Even five people can generate a lot of dirty plates on Thanksgiving. Learning the basics of dishwasher diagnostics could wait for morning, but the dishes themselves couldn’t. My mom took charge of cleanup (saying my wife and I had done… Read More

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Choosing To Like Things

“I guess I just like liking things.” -Abed Nadir After two years of film school, my 20-year-old self had come to a conclusion: Modern blockbuster filmmaking sucked. Give me Criterion or give me death! Film study is wonderful in what you can learn about how… Read More